Queen Letizia: “A person that I love very much was diagnosed with cancer”

Yesterday, Queen Letizia of Spain revealed that someone very close to her was recently diagnosed with cancer. She revealed the information in her remarks at a forum hosted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer, which was organised to mark World Cancer Day on 4 February. “Five weeks ago a person that I love very much was diagnosed with a complicated cancer. It is not the first time in my…

What are your favorite hair down tiara hairstyles?

I gotta say that I’m not a big fan of the hair down when wearing a tiara, but I do love their hair like that sometimes.


Martha Louise at Guillame & Stepanie pre-weeding. There’s no denying that she looks great here, and this hair is perfect for that tiara.


Madeleine at the Nobels 2005. She’s the champion of hair down + tiara. She always looks good, and here her hair was simple, but her tiara and beauty shines.

Sofia at last year’s Rеpresentationsmiddag. I think is my fave tiara look of hers.


Well, well well…this is one of my faves, if not my fave, picture ever of Letizia. Her hair is in a semi-updo, but I think it counts because half of her hair is down and beautifuly done in curls.


And last but not least Alexia. Those are her best looks and her hair down + tiara is perfect (esp. at Victoria’s wedding)

Queen Letizia of Spain attends journalism awards without the King

Queen Letizia of Spain attends journalism awards without the King

Former Spanish journalist Queen Letizia was in her element on Thursday night at the annual journalism awards hosted by Spain’s ABC newspaper in Madrid. She was sans her husband, King Felipe, who pulled out earlier in the day due to the ongoing secession situation in Catalonia. At the dinner and award ceremony, Her Majesty was accompanied by Cristina Cifuenmtes, President of the Community of…

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