Tombs of Kings of England not in England

Tombs of Kings of England not in England

Outside of the traditional burial sites of Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel, Windsor, some English (and a British) monarchs are missing. The tomb of King John resides in the chancel at Worcester Cathedral, not far from the chantry that contains the grave of the son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII’s elder brother Arthur, Prince of Wales. That of King Edward II is also one of…

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A Somerset Church’s links with Whitehall Palace

A Somerset Church’s links with Whitehall Palace

A fourteenth-century Anglican Church in the district of Sedgemoor in the Somerset parish of Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge is not perhaps the place where you might expect to find several remnants from the main London residence of England’s monarchs until 1698, when a second fire destroyed all but the most parts of the Royal Palace of Whitehall, with the exception of Inigo Jones’s neo-classical…

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The Old Pretender – The Life of James Stuart

The Old Pretender – The Life of James Stuart

James Francis Edward Stuart was born on 10th June 1688 to James II/VII and Mary of Modena. His birth, which was not widely expected, caused considerable controversy amongst the Protestant political nation, as his birth would cement a much-feared Catholic succession as he would, inevitably, be brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. His birth was one of the principal reasons for the invasion of…

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