Celebrate the coming of Spring with DCCC Shanghai

Celebrate the coming of Spring with DCCC Shanghai

The springtime in Denmark is probably the only time during the year that Danes abroad look envious back at their home country.

After dwelling in the darkness of winter for what seems like several years, the summer dresses and shorts can finally be aired, the public places are actually pleasant to be on, and there’s a dramatic and sudden change in the general mood of the public.

Everyone is happy and smiling and there’s a seemingly free flow of music, beer and, compared to Southeast Asia, reasonable weather.

And on the occasion, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China will be hosting an afternoon of Danish smørrebrød, beers and drinks, first at Henkes terrace and afterwards in the park, where there will also be a chance to play Petanque or Kongespil (the one where you throw sticks at blocks and constantly have to watch your feet).

The event will take place on the 5th of May, and will be accesible with the fee of 200RMB. Contact the DCCC for more information.

And while waiting, you can listen to Vivaldi’s Spring to get in the right mood:

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Danish Ambassor Kristensen visited Bali

Danish Ambassor Kristensen visited Bali

From the renewable energy implementation in Denmark to Paris Agreement and climate change issues, more than one hundred and twenty students were very keen on learning more about those topics during Danish Ambassador Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen’s visit to Udayana University in Denpasar, Bali, on 19 March.

The Ambassador met with Vice Rector Prof Ida Bagus Wiyasa, Head of Center for International Program Ms Putu Sri Harta Nimba PhD and delivered his Ambassador Lecture. More than 120 students from International Relations and Communications majors attended the lecture,which was a part of the Danish Ambassador’s official visit to Bali.

Apart from his visit to Udayana University, Ambassador Rasmus also had the opportunity to meet with Institute of Peace and Democracy and the Danish Honorary Consul to discuss about Indonesia Denmark regional engagement in Bali.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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Nordic Indonesian embassies visited Papua

Nordic Indonesian embassies visited Papua

In March 2018 the embassies of Sweden, Finland and Denmark visited the easternmost province of Indonesia: Papua. The visit was a part of the embassies’ on-going efforts to visit various regions of Indonesia to deepen the understanding of and knowledge about Indonesia.

A visit to Papua is of interest as the current administration has placed a lot of focus on developing the eastern parts of Indonesia, including development of infrastructure and public services in Papua, wrote the Danish embassy.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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Denmark and UNDP’s support to restorative justice, Indonesia

Denmark and UNDP’s support to restorative justice, Indonesia

On 17 April, the Danish Ambassador Rasmus Kristensen together with UNDP Country Director Christopher Bahuet visited the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center (LPKA) in Palembang. LPKA is applying cutting-edge approaches to restorative justice and has effectively won a national award for the best Rehabilitation Centre, writes the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia.

The UNDP project ‘Improving Restorative Justice through Integration (IRJI)’ is supported by the Danish Embassy and aims to strengthen the rule of law in Indonesia through restorative justice initiatives.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s Office, the National Police, Directorate General of National Correctional Facility and Ministry of Social Affairs. IRJI focuses on the governance side of restorative justice which currently deals with juvenile cases. It supports enhanced coordination among law enforcement agencies as well as institutional capacity building for effective implementation of restorative justice in Indonesia.

Additionally, Ambassador Rasmus Kristensen also delivered a key note speech at the public discussion on ‘Strengthening Coordination Among Law Enforcement Agencies’, which was attended by officials from the central and local Governments. The discussions focused on the development of standard operating procedures (SOP) that define the roles and functions of each law enforcement agencies.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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Denmark’s Kota Kinabalu consul awarded Order of Dannebrog

Denmark’s Kota Kinabalu consul awarded Order of Dannebrog

The Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur congratulates to Honorary Consul at the Danish Consulate in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Borneo) Mr. Anders Møller on receiving the Order of Dannebrog.

Denmark has two Royal Orders of Chivalry: The Order of the Elephant, and The Order of Dannebrog. Both got their first written statutes on 1 December 1693. At any given time, the ruling monarch heads the orders.

The decoration was given to Mr. Anders Møller by H.M Queen Margrethe II of Denmark on her 78th birthday. He receives a Breast Star with Grand Cross.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur

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Introducing the first Danish pastor in Thailand

Introducing the first Danish pastor in Thailand

It’s not easy starting a church up from scratch. There’s the administrative process, rooms to be
found, furniture to be installed, raising funds, creating logos, building a website and setting up
social media. People need to know you exist.

Before moving to Thailand, Christa has worked in Egypt, Bangladesh and Cambodia, where her family also lives. Photo: Sille Arendt

Christa Lund Herum is currently experiencing all this first hand. Since November last year she has
been the only, and also the very first, Danish pastor in Thailand.

“Before I came here there was no Danish Church in Thailand. We had to build everything from
scratch with help from the local network of Danes, such as the Church Council, who made an
enormous effort to get me here and help me get settled,” she says.

Finding their place in society

So by now the church is more or less settled, but there’s no church without visitors. Therefore a
lot of work has to be put into making the Danes aware of the presence of the church. At the same
time it is important to detect what there’s a need for – what Danes in Thailand actually wants
from a church.

According to Christa, the relationship Danes have with God is a very private relationship. Photo: Sille Arendt

As of now an intern, who arrived mid-March from Denmark, is planning on hosting a bi-weekly
youth café for Danish backpackers in Bangkok and also Christa is planning on slowly starting up
confirmation preparation classes.

“Many of the Danish kids who live here may not have much of an understanding of their cultural
background in Denmark, and that could be a role to fill for the church. We could host afternoons
where we introduce kids to the Danish culture, language and food, something the church
undeniably has been a big part of,” Christa says.

Christa does not expect the Danes to attend her church out here more than they attended the
church when living in Denmark.

“As I see it, it isn’t in the spirit of Danes to go to church every Sunday. For them, the relationship
with God is private and is something you might as well find in the forest or the beach,” she says.
However, on the special occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, confirmations etc. the Danes do
come to the church in larger numbers, proving that under the surface there is still a strong bond
between the Danes and their church.

The ups and downs of a pastor’s life

Being a pastor is not just about holding Christ services. An important part of the job is to be by
people’s side during the hard times in their life.

“When someone is very ill or has passed away, the embassy will ask if the family would like a
pastor to pay them a visit. Many say “Yes, please!” Christa Lund Herum says.

When asked whether the job is hard, she says it is balanced out with the joy of being a part of the
most important moments of a person’s life:

“I performed my first beach blessing recently and I have also been visiting a Dane in a prison here.

I can visit when someone is scared or sad or during some of the greatest moments in their lives.”

“There are many things I wish I could do for those in need, but I’m not the embassy and I can’t
help with legal matters. But I can be by their side and listen to them for a moment, and that brings
great comfort to some. I’ve recently met with a very ill man. He told me that he hadn’t spoken a
word Danish for several months. That little thing meant a whole lot to him,” she says.

From Egypt to Thailand

Christa graduated in 2003, but didn’t become a Pastor until she moved to Bangladesh in 2015.
Prior to that she had worked for Dan Mission in Egypt, but it was not until she moved to
Bangladesh with her husband and their two children that she began working as a volunteer pastor.

Christa was officially installed on Sunday the 18th of March. Photo: Sille Arendt

Meanwhile the Danish Church Council was looking for the first Danish pastor in Bangkok. When
that opportunity came up, Christa took it. Her family still lives in Cambodia, the country they
moved to prior to Christa moving to Bangkok.

Read also: Festive instalment of Danish Pastor in Thailand

She is officially employed by DSUK – Danske Sømands- og Udlandskirker – a fusion between
Danish Seamen’s Churches and Danish Churches Abroad. The Danish Church in Thailand is hosted by the international organization Church of Christ in Thailand, an umbrella organization for
protestant churches from all around the globe.

This is where she is currently setting up a small office by the entrance, the office you may from
now on meet the first Danish pastor in Thailand when she is not out and about meeting people in
special need.

Pastor Christa Lund Herum was officially installed on Sunday the 18 th of March. The church is located at The Church of Christ Thailand (CCT) between BTS stations Siam and Ratchathewi.

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Queen Margrethe celebrates first birthday after Prince Henrik’s death

Queen Margrethe celebrates first birthday after Prince Henrik’s death

It wasn’t that long ago that Prince Henrik died from a pulmonary infection on 13 February, leaving Queen Margrethe of Denmark a widow. For a couple who had been married for fifty years, it was clear there was still a spark between the two. When they met in the spring of 1965 at a dinner party in London, neither had realised they had just met the love of their life. The Margrethe and Henrik in…

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