Celebrate the coming of Spring with DCCC Shanghai

Celebrate the coming of Spring with DCCC Shanghai

The springtime in Denmark is probably the only time during the year that Danes abroad look envious back at their home country.

After dwelling in the darkness of winter for what seems like several years, the summer dresses and shorts can finally be aired, the public places are actually pleasant to be on, and there’s a dramatic and sudden change in the general mood of the public.

Everyone is happy and smiling and there’s a seemingly free flow of music, beer and, compared to Southeast Asia, reasonable weather.

And on the occasion, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China will be hosting an afternoon of Danish smørrebrød, beers and drinks, first at Henkes terrace and afterwards in the park, where there will also be a chance to play Petanque or Kongespil (the one where you throw sticks at blocks and constantly have to watch your feet).

The event will take place on the 5th of May, and will be accesible with the fee of 200RMB. Contact the DCCC for more information.

And while waiting, you can listen to Vivaldi’s Spring to get in the right mood:

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Feast on hot dogs and Carlsberg in Shanghai this Friday

Feast on hot dogs and Carlsberg in Shanghai this Friday

Back in Denmark we often celebrate the weekends coming with a beer with the colleagues. Unfortunately this tradition isn’t necessarily fully adapted here in South East Asia (yet!). But this Friday the Carlsberg-thirsty and hot dog-hungry Danes in Shanghai have a chance to clear the worst signs of withdrawal.

At the Grundfos Concept Store in Shanghai, the company will drag a Danish styled “pølsevogn” outside of the building. This, for a fee of 100rmb, will provide the interested guests with as many hot dogs and Carlsbergs as they can consume from 18:30 to 21:30.

The address is C3, No. 700 Wanrong Rd, Daning Central Square, Shanghai. More information can be found on DCCC Shanghai’s website.

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Famous Danish architects to design Chinese ‘footpath’

Famous Danish architects to design Chinese ‘footpath’

According to The Copenhagen Post the Danish architecture company Dissing+Weitling has been commisioned to design a project in Xiamen in the south of China called ‘Xiamen Footpath’.

The footpath will consist of seven bridges totalling to about 20 kilometers of free walking space for the citizens of Xiamen.

The purpose of the giant path is to lead the pedestrians away from the hectic traffic below and will also lead to the mountain area surrounding the city.

The Great Belt Fixed Link was also designed by Dissing+Weitling

Dissing+Weitling has already completed a similar project in the city. In 2017 the firm completed the ‘Xiamen Bicycle Skyway’, an elevated pathway along the BRT route in the city.

And that kind of architecture is generally what the firm is known for. In Denmark they are famous for creating the landmark The Great Belt Bridge (Storebæltsbroen) and in Copenhagen specifically the Cykelslangen bicycle bridge.

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Danes Worldwide critizes new restrictive tax bill meant for Danes abroad

Danes Worldwide critizes new restrictive tax bill meant for Danes abroad

Corrected on the 18th of April at 10:50 a.m. See below

In the beginning of March the Danish government launched a new tax bill with the purpose of ‘modernizing the rules of full tax liability’ for Danes living abroad.

The bill can be summarized to this: If Danes living abroad owns a house that is “suitable for permanent habitation,” (this also includes houses build for vacationing) and that they have been staying in Denmark for more than 90 days (currently 180 days) within 12 months, then they are to pay full taxes in Denmark, and possibly the country of residence as well.

This has been met by harsh criticism by the organisation representing Danes living abroad, Danes Worldwide, in a public letter to the government.

Concerning the cut from 180 to 90 days, Danes Worldwide describes it as a seemingly random cut without it being followed by proper arguments:

“There aren’t noted any arguments for such a substantial cut pruning of the time that Danes have with with their family and friends in their home country. It is just noted that it is inspired by the model used by Norway (…) and that is among the reasons that many Danes abroad see this as a arbitrary.”

The fact that the bill makes it more complicated for Danes abroad from owning a vacation home (cottage) in Denmark without being eligeble to pay taxes in Denmark has also been met with criticism. Apparently homes like that is something a lot of people use to strenghten the bond to the home country:

“Many people still active in business – either self employed or wage earners – maintains the bond to Denmark through their vacation homes. Vacation homes in Denmark are often a crucial point for international Danes, whereas the children also maintains their cultural connection to Denmark,” the statement reads.

Danes Worldwide also notes that they have received letters from several “very concerned” Chambers of Commerces around the world, including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

The full statement can be read here (in Danish).

The bill can be read here (in Danish).

Correction: It was stated that the new rules would be implemented if one of the criterias were met. That is not true. For the new rules to take effect, both criterias must be met. We apologize for the mistake.

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The big International School issue of ScandAsia is out

The big International School issue of ScandAsia is out

ScandAsia has released its annual big special them issue on “How to Choose an International School”. The April 2018 issue is 60 pages packed with school articles and advice – plus all the regular news and features on doing Scandinavian business in Asia, being part of the Scandinavian communities in the main capitals of Asia and inspirational stories on living abroad.

The paper copies of the Theme Issue will enjoy a wider distribution to selected pick-up points like embassies, consulates, churches, business associations, and well known restaurants and hotels across Asia. The magazine is furthermore distributed to thousand of Nordic people and people related to the Nordic communities via email. A select few have purchased a subscription to the paper magazine and enjoy delivery every month of their printed copy directly to their doorstep.





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Arla to attend China International Import Expo

Arla to attend China International Import Expo

The Danish dairy company Arla Foods has just signed a contract to attend China International Import Expo 2018 (CIIE), which makes it one amongst the 600 companies to attend the expo.

Arla Foods will use the opportunity to display some organic dairy products in the likes baby food, to which 50 percent in Denmark is organic compared to China with only five percent.

Frede Juulsen, head of global child nutrition at Arla Foods, is certain the expo will benefit his company and everyone who trades with China.

“I believe for everybody who wants to do trade with China, this (is) perhaps a landmark, a new step for improving the trade between the companies like us and our partners in China.”

The expo will take place on the 5-10th of November 2018 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

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Greenland eyes Chinese constructer – causes Danish concern

Greenland eyes Chinese constructer – causes Danish concern

Greenland has recently shortlisted a Chinese construction company to help expand three airports. This calls for concern from the Danish government.

A government official told Reuters that Chinese involvement could upset one of Denmark’s closest allies, The United States of America, and that “we are deeply concerned. China has no business in Greenland.” The official wished to remain anonymous, but is described as “high-ranking.”

Oddly enough, critizism is rather rare when it comes to the mining industry in Greenland, an industry where China is still one of the largest players in the vast tundra of Greenland.

But this may just as well have struck a nerve in the Danish-U.S. relationship. In the 50s the U.S. military was given almost unlimited rights on the Thule Airbase located on the very western part of Greenland – a spot that caused major controversy in the 90s when it was revealed that the Danish government had allowed the U.S. to store nuclear weapons in Greenland during The Cold War.

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The company, named China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), was shortlisted by the state-owned Kalaallit Airports, whose job it is to build, expand and manage airports in Nuuk, Ilulissat and Qaqortoq. CCCC is one amongst six companies or consortiums shortlisted by the government of Greenland – two from Denmark and one from the Netherlands, Canada and Iceland.

The contracts for two of the three airport projects – Nuuk and Illulisat – will be rewarded in mid-2018 while Qaqortoq will be rewarded next year.

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